Images & videos are not enough?

3D is the answer for you

Sometimes you want to give people the ability to grab something, look at it from different perspectives, it’s the way we humans discover the world around us. Sometimes, that can’t be done with slides, videos, nor images. We feel trapped, and we disengage. Well, that’s the pitch, 3D is the most engaging media form there is.

3D View

With 3D, your audience can actually interact with your ideas, rotate, move around, zoom in, inspect from inside and eventually learn about the ideas you are communicating. 3D modeling helps you bring build scenes and digital twins, whilst 3D animation will bring it to life with movement and colors. Third design puts this magical power in your hands, we help you get rid of boring PowerPoints, and actually make your points, powerful.

VR Tour

VR Tours are the most exciting to happen to retail since on line shopping. They are a fantastic way to increase your destination trade by attracting people to your stores by showing off your range of products in a very fun and immersive way. VR Tags can be added to visible products linking to brochures and eCommerce listings on line.